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deathfirefly's Journal

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6 June
i like pants

aside from that, i am a recluse, or would like to be. i am a writer and a cg artist. in a perfect world i would do nothing but alternate between sleep and video games all day for the rest of my life. i am very lazy, i love to sleep, and hate to do much else, especially wake up. i love comedy, and funny quotes. i am a slacker but hope to grad with at LEAST a 3.2 and go on to USF.

i am the singer in an aspiring spunkno band called plan b, currently "populated" by terrance, jeremy, and bucket. i hate society and i hate fashion. i love making my own clothes but unfortunately i'm afraid of the sewing machine. i don't like canadians, or children (children=anyone younger than i am except helena, joey, and bucket), or texas, or most christians (catholics especially). i hate using capital letters and most types of punctuation. also i hate people. i hope to spend a lot of time in ireland (despite the terrorism) and australia because they are both beautiful places and i am scots-irish. my friends and my mom are the most important things to me. i hate stupidity and girls.

i'm irish. i am about 5'2", 139 lbs, grey-eyed, dark blond (but can be found bright apple red, red and orange, white banged), pale and lightly freckled. i like tutus.

i love music. my favorite types are techno, punk, ska, classical music, deathmetal, and 80's new wave. i love fast music that i can dance to, particularily rave to. i hate angry and whiny music, which is why i don't listen to the radio. i don't care how many times your girlfriend left you or your father beat you as a child. who wants to hear about things like that? i like hearing stupid funny songs, about electricity and vegimite. on the whole i hate songs that don't make sense when they're trying to, like bush.

i love terrance.
8-bit theatre, anti-disney, aoi nanase, architecture, ayumi hamasaki, batman, bats, beef jerky, billy joe armstrong, black mage, blacklights, blood, boba fett, bockus, bucket, bucky o'hare, captain n, cartoon planet, castlevania, chapstick, classical music, creed sucks, crossgen, danny elfman, darkwing duck, david bowie, dead or alive, despotism, dick, dj end, djs, dragons, drawing, earthworm jim, ecco the dolphin, faeries, fantasy, fellatio, ff tactics & ffvii, fighting, final fantasy, fire, fireflies, fireworks, flogging molly, freakazoid, fucking, fud, fuzzy things, g.i. joe, gargoyles, german, ghostbusters, glowsticks, gothilicious, green day, grey, guns, handcuffs, heman, ireland, james bond, jay, jet skiing, jhonen vasquez, kasumi, kevin smith, kirby, laziness, legend of dragoon, maple serum, mario 2, martial arts, masochism, megacon, megaman, microfiber, mighty max, milla jovovich, mogs, mortal kombat, mountain dew, muffins, my bestest friend sock, my sweet terrance, nightwish, ninjas, pain, pancakes, pants, penguins, peter cullen, pillows, pirates of darkwater, plan b, playstation, psm, pudding, punk, ramen, rammstein, ramza beolve, raptors, raptros the raptor, raving, raziel, remixes, rikku, rion, robo-z, rubber ducks, ryu hayabusa, samus, sean connery, sega, sephiroth, shiny things, silent bob, ska, skating, sleeping, snakes, soul calibur, space ghost, spunkno, squaresoft, squee, starwars, sticky tape, strawberry milk, submission, swords, taco hell, taki, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the october stars, the tick, tifa lockheart, transformers, vampires, vectorman, video games, vincent valentine, visionaries, weapons, writing, xuxa, yuffie kisaragi, yuki kaori

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