jerper (deathfirefly) wrote,

aww i luff iczelion *.* -
"When Nagisa Kano's family turns into tentacled monsters and attacks her, space android Iczer-One comes to the rescue! It seems that Iczer-One's mommy, the android Big Gold, and her henchperson Sir Violet are leading the Cthuwulf invasion of Earth and Nagisa's unfortunate incident is just the tip of the iceberg. Much to Nagisa's surprise (and dismay), Iczer-One insists that Nagisa help her protect her world from the invasion by joining with her in piloting the Iczer Robo against Big Gold's forces. While the two of them manage to fight the first wave of the invasion, Big Gold works on the next phase -- involving Iczer-One's sister, Iczer-Two!
This series is the grand-daddy of the original video animation (OVA). Do you like anime with tentacle-bearing monsters that pop out of human bodies? Or super-technology science teams that fight to save Japan? Giant monster movies? Giant robot anime? How about bloody hand-to-hand combat? You say you prefer alluring schoolgirls? It's all in this anime. Everything. While the story ain't the most original thing you've seen, the action is truly incredible and it's fast-paced enough even to keep you bloodthristy anime fans happy. Iczer-Two is considered one of the first and most desirable anime femmes, while Nagisa's whiny escapades will be seen again, time after time, in many OVAs. Much of those little touches that you thought made your favorite anime so unique actually were first pioneered in this OVA! The useless human military, the child who's mom you just know is gonna die horribly in the next minute, the lesbian lovers, the person of ambiguous gender...all of them appear here first. Not only is this an enjoyable anime to watch, but you get to learn about the history of anime while watching it!"
*blows raspberry at mat*
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